Electronic components from leading manufacturers.

Scanti’s scope of activity is the delivery of electronic components, integrated development and debugging tools for supporting industrial development and production programs.

The focus is on establishing strategic partnerships with fast-growing companies placing their stake on a fast entry into the market due to using a superior component and supplier base.

The idea is that any business is effective only if both parties, supplier & manufacturer, are equally interested in its development.

Therefore, the goal is a strategic partnership based on mutual respect to each other interests - embodied in our motto: Together in challenge for the leadership.

Scanti operates in Russia and the CIS countries.

Advantages in cooperation with our Company

We provide technical support to our customers and help them to choose the optimal element base.

We assist in optimizing development throughout the entire set of parameters, including the specified performance, power input, temperature range, overall dimensions, cost, reliability and availability of components.

We bring manufacturers technical experts in direct contact to solve any complex issues.


Scanti is an authorized and one of the most experienced distributors of Texas Instruments (TI) in the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

We are in an advanced position to bring TI’s technology to our customers, because we really side with their interests, as Scanti does not just imply a warehouse, BUT offers a complete and all-round support to our customers at all stages of research & design, implementation, pilot production and large-scale manufacturing.


Scanti focus on delivery to Russia and to the CIS countries of electronic components supplied by leading manufacturers, such as: ATP Electronics, Comus, EM Microelectronic Marin SA, Gruner AG, Coto Technology, INMYS, Innodisk, Intersil, KDS Daiwa Shinku Kogyosho, Macronix, Micrо Crystal SA, PkCell, Renata Batteries SA, Sauris GmbH, SECO, Xeno Energy.

Our company has succeeded in undergoing certification of conformity to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, which allows meeting the needs of our customers to the maximum.

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